Friday, July 31, 2009

Brittany Holiday Cottage with Pool and Gym

Its amazing just how many different exercises can be performed just with buying one additional piece of equipment for the gym at the Brittany holiday cottage. Having now a set of heavy dumbells has really provided an opportunity for a diverse range of additional exercises and I'm seeing the benefits just 10 weeks away from my show.

After the pictures were taken last Wednesday, I need to make adjustments to everything I am doing, just one thought I had was to stop having milk in my coffee, It may not sound much but doing the maths it makes great sense. One cup with milk 15 calories, ten cups per day 150 calories, over a week 1050 and over the next 10 weeks that's an amazing 10,500 and with 3500 calories per pound of fat that would mean loosing 3 pounds just with cutting the milk out.
So with cut backs in diet and additional cardio, fingers crossed I'll get down to the condition that I need to be,I'll have some more pictures taken within the gym at the end of the first week of September when my goal is to have reached 14 stone.

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