Friday, April 30, 2010

Fishing via the Brittany holiday cottage with pool

Had my first shore fishing trip last week for 2010 via the Brittany holiday cottage with pool, organised by a Frenchman within the social club that I joined. On the grounds that local knowledge is imperative I signed up for the event.

The location was at a new venue situated the other side of Vannes and it was planned to meet at 10.30 am at the location to dig for bait. I looked up the time tables prior to the event and found that high tide was at 1pm, I questioned the organiser if we would be able to dig for bait so late and he assured me we would. I opted for caution and stopped off at Decathlon to buy some rag lucky was I, for when I arrived at the location the tide was in and no opportunity was found to dig for bait.

I started fishing straight away with 2 rods, normal set up with a sliding weight with a 4ft hook length and caught 2 small Bass within the first 90 min, they were the only bites I got.

I found the location very disappointing, there were 5 fishing in the party in total on a small car park beside a ramp into the sea with only 30 meters separating all the angers and boats moored on either side of us which restricted casting.

The French all disappeared before high tide and I was left fishing on my own, feeling frustrated that I came and felt I would have done a lot better at my preferred locations mentioned in earlier post.

Still its all a learning curve and I enjoyed a day out at the coast.

If your looking to fish while staying at La Forge Brittany holiday cottage then I'll be happy to assist and offer advice.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with private heated swimming pool

Saturday was the last day of my daughters holiday at the Brittany holiday cottage with private heated swimming pool and we decided to leave early at 8 am to visit whats reputed to be the biggest aquarium in Europe Oceanopolis, based in Brest.

Her flight was from Brest at 4.15 and arriving at Oceanopolis at 10.30 we had plenty of time to visit as it states on its website you need half a day....we finished at 12.30

I must admit I was expecting so much more than what we got, the actual floor space of Oceanoplolis was large but the gaps between each exhibit was also quite large and the majority of the tanks pretty standard. The best part was the shark tank and in particular a glass sided lift that started at the top of the tank and slowly descended to the bottom of the tank.

In between the tanks were loads of interactive videos and computers but alas they were all in French, I think for the French it would have been alot better experience being very educational for the children.

The cost of entry was 16 euros for an adult and 11 for a child, so not a cheap 2 hours of entertainment and I'm glade I did not make the trip just for the aquarium, but more for my daughters flight and to ' kill to birds with one stone'.

To summarize given what I experienced and the cost, plus the distance, the aquarium at Vannes just 25 min away from la Forge is the best option.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with private heated pool

Just a short trip in the car from the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool is the beautiful beach of Carnac and the famous Carnac stones, Brittany's answer too Stonehenge.
My sister is currently staying here with her husband and yesterday I took them to see the stones along with my daughter.
Know one knows why the stones were placed in line but its amazing when you see them for all the effort that must have gone into placing the 2000 plus stones over a 5 km stretch.
The weather yesterday was also great being hot and sunny and we enjoyed time on the beach and having lunch alfresco.
For a great French holiday the Brittany holiday cottage with private heated pool is ideally situated to explore.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool

Just 5 min away from the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool is the market town of Baud, last Saturday I popped down too the local market with my daughter and bought some new companions for Spike the resident cockerel, 2 hens and new for this year a baby duckling.

Both hens and the duck are breeds that produce high egg production so I'm looking forward to the first eggs when they arrive. The duck is lovely, its seems really happy with the hens, so I'm not concerned its the only one, it seems to follow Spike every where around the coup.

Last year getting the chickens proved a great success with the children staying at the holiday cottage and I'm sure this years guest will enjoy then also.

For cottage availability just click on the link too the Brittany holiday cottage web site.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with private swimming pool

Arrived back from England yesterday with my daughter, sister and her husband, it was the first trip for them and both were very impressed with La Forge the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool.

We used the L & D lines service from New Haven too Dieppe catching the 23.30 ferry that arrived in Dieppe at 4.30 am. I must admit it was hard getting some quality sleep on the ferry sitting amongst all the rest and I was completely shattered by the time we got home at 10 am.

I don't think Id do it again in hindsight, id rather catch the 9am ferry or if taking a night crossing take one that arrives in France 8am in order to get a cabin and some sleep.

It was so lovely returning back to the holiday cottage seeing all the daffodils that we planted last October in full bloom.