Thursday, December 29, 2011

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool

Its been another great year for La Forge - the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool beating last years best of 21 weeks booked by achieving 22 weeks for 2011.

In addition La Veille Maison had its revival as a test run in the summer as the second holiday cottage available to rent and gain all weeks were booked that was offered.

In 2012 La Forge will be available to rent throughout the year while La veille Maison will be available from the May half term holiday until the start of September allowing more to enjoy this fantastic part of Brittany in the small hamlet of Kerbourbon.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Brittany holiday cottage with private heated pool

With the mild November we enjoyed at the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool over, December brings with it some bright days but cold nights.

With that in mind I took delivery of 2 cords or fire wood to make sure this Christmas La Veille maison is warm and snug. The current price per cord is 200 euros, a cord or wood is 6 square meters of stacked fire wood. When i first arrived in 2006 it was 160 euros and at an exchange rate of 1.5 meant it was £106 per cord which at the time was very cheap, however with the exchange rate of 1.15 the new sterling price would be £174 which is a big increase in the cost of heating.

This month I have also bought an Eco fan that sits on top of my wood urning stove and pushes out 150 cubic feet of warm air out into the room. I borrowed my friends last week which pushed out 100 cubic feet and noticed my house got warm very quickly.

The cost of the eco fan was £118 being sent from Canada, if i had bought it in the UK it would have cost over £170. As La veille Maison is open plan, i have 180 cubic meters to heat up just in the living room and kitchen so its important to find an efficient way to heat the house.

A single cord should last 5 weeks so at 40 euros per week its still a relatively cheap way to heat the house and you cant beat a wood burner for creating a warm feeling.

For guest staying in La Forge in the winter months the wood burner within that holiday cottage is a very efficient way to heat the cottage.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool

One of my freinds who lives just 5 minutes away from the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool surplied me with this years live Christmas tree from his sons local school.

It was great getting it home to La Veille Maison and dressing it up with just the lights tonight, I'll wait for the arrival of my daughter who will be enjoying christmas at the cottage with me.

La Forge is still avialble to rent during the Christmas period and if any one does book the cottage it will be dressed for the season as well.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Brittany holiday cottage with private heated pool

One of the best things that I have bought for the benefit of the guest staying at La Forge and La Veille Maison, the Brittany holiday cottage with private heated pool was the chickens.

After 5 days I'm pleased to say that the west sussex seems to be well on the mend after injuring its leg last Thursday. When i first saw the chicken it could hardly stand up let alone walk.

After placing some food and water beside the hen, i gave it an hour and then placed it inside the chicken house to get out of the rain and to be left quite and warm.

The following day it remained in the chicken house but by day 3 it was back out in the run hoping around, today it was walking much more freely with only a slight limp. I'm so pleased that its recovery was so swift.

The children staying at the holiday cottages love feeding the birds and collecting the eggs each morning.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Brittany holiday cottage with private heated pool

La Forge the Brittany holiday cottage with private heated pool is available to rent all year and we offer a special 2 week deal for those guest wishing to celebrate Christmas and the new year in France.

The normal price per week is £599 bit if you book both weeks the cost is reduced down too £798 that's a saving of over £400 plus in addition a fresh organic turkey will be provided to get your Christmas off to a good start.

In addition the holiday cottage is decorated for the festive season with the warm log fire lit waiting for your arrival.

So that guest don't miss out on the celebrations I will me more than happy to discuss what the local restaurants are doing for Christmas and New years eve and make a booking on your behalf so you don't miss out.

La Veille maison is only available from the May half term until the start of September.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool

During April, May and September guest staying within La Forge have private use of the swimming pool.

We were offering an early booking discount if you booked before 30th November for the 2012 season this has now been extended.

Book either La Forge or La Veille Maison and receive a 5% discount on the listed price.

In addition to the discount on the holiday cottages remember that if you book either holiday cottage you also benefit from a 20% discount on your Brittany ferry crossings.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool

The chickens residing within the chicken run at the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool are enjoying there new home, however not so much the current weather.

With no grass growing in the run its currently just a bog of mud and chicken poop, not very nice to go inside to collect the eggs, its amazing throw how quickly it does dry out in there, after 2 dry days the ground is dry and firm to walk on, I'm thinking about investing in some straw to put down within the run in an attempt to create a pathway to collect the eggs.

The west Sussex chicken, my favorite of the group has just injured one of its legs and currently has a bad limp.

Guest of the holiday cottages La Forge and La Veille Maison don't have to contend with the conditions I'm currently facing with the wet winter weather.