Thursday, July 30, 2015

Brittany holiday cottage with heated swimming pool near Baud

After a shaky start to the week yesterday and today brought with it some wonderful sunshine at our Brittany holiday cottage with heated swimming pool near Baud for the guest to enjoy the pool.

One family staying in La Forge opted to stay and enjoy the garden and pool today while the other family in La Veille Maison took a trip to our favorite beach at Carnac.

As its the last day tomorrow for both sets of guest its a role reversal talking with them this evening as the other group head to Carnac while the others enjoy the pool.

Its very noticeable each season in that although the swimming pool is shared during the summer months its a rare day that both sets of guest stay in - that's the beauty of Brittany, with so much to see and do most guest are away from the holiday cottages most days and in fact the pool is not being used.

Naomi cleaning the pool while guest are out and about sight seeing

While the guest are out and about we get the chance to clean the pool and do jobs around the garden. I am always amazed how much work is involved in keeping every thing immaculate but then when people have booked well in advance and looking forward to there holiday its important that every thing is immaculate.

For details of things to do why not browse our local information page for La Forge.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Our Brittany holiday cottage with heated swimming pool near Baud

Over the last few days at our Brittany holiday cottage with heated swimming pool near Baud we have been out and about shopping for the garden.

Our aim has always been to create a sub tropical garden around the pool and so we bought 3 additional Banana plants along with a few new pots.

Two of the banana's have gone in the pots while the third has gone straight in to the ground to create a nice back drop behind the heated swimming pool along with the Tropicana plants.  - we have been told in the pots the plants will grow to 2 meters in height while in the ground will reach around 4 meters. 

As we have a lot of guest that return for additional holidays at either La Forge or La veille Maison we think its important that they see the garden and properties develop.

Sub Tropical planting at our Brittany holiday cottage.

The great thing for us is that the holiday cottage is in the middle of  the countryside yet so near to so many places that offer garden centers to browse through. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Brittany holiday cottage near Baud with heated pool and gym

After almost a week off from training  yesterday at the Brittany holiday cottage near Baud with heated pool and gym I was back doing my chest.

I had had this time off after being stung repeatedly on my right hand while cutting a shrub in the garden. Its only the second attack I've encounted in 10 years while owning the holiday cottages and its always the same - a solitary black wasp living in the ground or a pot that's disturbed by me while gardening.

As soon as I was stung I put anthisan cream on the puncture site and took a antihistamine tablet but after 48 hours my hand was so swollen that I could not make a fist and the itching was unbearable for 3 or 4 days.

On day 3 I noticed the swelling starting to go down and it was not until day 6 that I felt able enough to get back in to the gym.

This year seems to be one thing after another that prevents me from getting in to the gym on a regular basis.

It was great however to get back in there yesterday and managed 100 kg for 6 reps which is not bad after all the missed sessions over the last 6 months.   My all time personal best being 160 kg for 2 reps.

The gym at our Brittany holiday cottages is available for any guest  wishing to train during there holiday.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool and gym

Over the last few weeks at the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool and gym guest staying in both cottages have enjoyed using the gym.

Guest staying in La Veille Maison both enjoyed the gym over there 2 week holiday training 5 times per week while a family from Denmark staying in La Forge also enjoyed training together.

The gym at our holiday cottages enables any level to have a good workout.