Saturday, October 27, 2012

Brittany holiday cottage with heated swimming pool and gym

For guest staying at the Brittany holiday cottage with heated swimming pool and gym we now offer a special Filipino gourmet night to enjoy finishing with a royal fan dance.

Guest staying in either La Forge or La Veille Maison can order a gourmet night at any time during there holiday, a menu will follow soon.

Its our aim to always offer that little bit extra for guest staying at the holiday cottages and we hope many will enjoy the gourmet night along with the whole holiday experience.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sea fishing at the estuary of Guidel

Just 35 minutes from the Brittany holiday cottages La Forge and La veille Maison is the estuary of Guidel, where on the 12th August we popped down with our rubber dingy for our first attempt of fishing from the dingy.

The day before we bought a small anchor and a length of heavy chain to attach to 20 meters of rope and we arrived at low tide to see how the bottom looked.

We rowed out to where we were going to fish and dropped the anchor, fishing from low tide until an hour after high tide.

As we were positioned in the middle of the estuary we were able to use really light tackle rather than the beach casters used when fishing from the shore. We had 2 6 foot light spinning rods and used the same set up as we do with the beach casters, with a running ledger of only 1 1/2 oz and a 3 foot trace tied to a number 1 Aberdeen long shank hook.

Using rag worm as bait we caught 7 Bass in total mostly very small but the final fish was just over 2lbs in weight, for a video of the fishing trip click here.

For guest staying at either holiday cottage fishing tackle is available.