Thursday, July 30, 2015

Brittany holiday cottage with heated swimming pool near Baud

After a shaky start to the week yesterday and today brought with it some wonderful sunshine at our Brittany holiday cottage with heated swimming pool near Baud for the guest to enjoy the pool.

One family staying in La Forge opted to stay and enjoy the garden and pool today while the other family in La Veille Maison took a trip to our favorite beach at Carnac.

As its the last day tomorrow for both sets of guest its a role reversal talking with them this evening as the other group head to Carnac while the others enjoy the pool.

Its very noticeable each season in that although the swimming pool is shared during the summer months its a rare day that both sets of guest stay in - that's the beauty of Brittany, with so much to see and do most guest are away from the holiday cottages most days and in fact the pool is not being used.

Naomi cleaning the pool while guest are out and about sight seeing

While the guest are out and about we get the chance to clean the pool and do jobs around the garden. I am always amazed how much work is involved in keeping every thing immaculate but then when people have booked well in advance and looking forward to there holiday its important that every thing is immaculate.

For details of things to do why not browse our local information page for La Forge.

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