Monday, December 5, 2011

Brittany holiday cottage with private heated pool

One of the best things that I have bought for the benefit of the guest staying at La Forge and La Veille Maison, the Brittany holiday cottage with private heated pool was the chickens.

After 5 days I'm pleased to say that the west sussex seems to be well on the mend after injuring its leg last Thursday. When i first saw the chicken it could hardly stand up let alone walk.

After placing some food and water beside the hen, i gave it an hour and then placed it inside the chicken house to get out of the rain and to be left quite and warm.

The following day it remained in the chicken house but by day 3 it was back out in the run hoping around, today it was walking much more freely with only a slight limp. I'm so pleased that its recovery was so swift.

The children staying at the holiday cottages love feeding the birds and collecting the eggs each morning.

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