Sunday, July 26, 2009

Brittany Fishing via the Holiday Cottage

I have reported a guest of La Forge Brittany holiday cottage had a go on the Tarun with a fly rod during his stay on an earlier post, this is his report of how he fished the river plus a picture of one of the wild trout he caught.
As far as tactics are concerned it was caught on a size 12 Kate Mclaren (anyone who fly fishes should know the pattern but it is very much a scottish loch fly) and i fished it on a floating line in the runs of water at the heads of the pools. Cast the fly at 45 degrees across the current , let it drift round and then a slow figure of eight retrieve. I only fished the single fly on a 6 foot leader because the conditions limited the use of a longer leader and I would have just have had tangles with two flies as the casting technique was somewhat unorthodox.
I would have to say that casting isn't easy as the river is covered in trees and the river has a lot of slow water which is good for spinning or bait fishing but a waste of time for fly and you really do need at least waist waders , my wellies just about did , only one wet foot !
Best wishes
The other tactic I see the French fisherman use is to spin a dead bait, they have several cast in one spot before moving along, during a session they might fish over a kilometer of the river, because of all the trees I purchased the shortest rod I could find just 1.8 meters which allows me to cast the bait 8 or 12 meters along the river before the retrieve without getting snagged. The rod set up is available for guest of the Brittany holiday cottage to use during there stay.
Ive had meny an enjoyable hour walking along the river bank in search of that elusive trout seeing the odd Otter during my session.

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