Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brittany Holiday Cottage with Pool

The children staying at La Forge , the Brittany holiday Cottage this week are really enjoying the pool and Chickens, especially collecting the eggs each day.
Yesterday I could not believe the size of egg one of the hens had layed, it was twice the size of the normal eggs, so large the egg box could not be that must have been painful to lay. It turned out to be a double yoker and tasted lovely.
I'm now feeding the birds a mix of pellets and corn plus try to give them some greens each day, either fresh green grass or lettuce.
I used to keep Koi back in the UK and used to spend ages just sitting beside the pool watching them swim around, the chickens have the same appeal, I have a bench beside the run and enjoy just sitting down and watching them interact.
Its been a real pleasure keeping chickens at the holiday cottage for myself and the enjoyment of the guest staying at La Forge.

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