Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brittany Holiday Cottage with Pool and Gym

Had a good workout this evening in the Gym at the Brittany holiday cottage with my training partner. As Ive only got 10 weeks to go now before my competition decided to get some pictures taken, it really hit home that I need to do more cardio, at 15st 6lbs I really need to get down too
13 stone. The creatine starts Saturday, I really need to get out every day on the bike or for a walk and start getting very strict with the diet. I have a feeling its going to be boiled chicken and water for the last week prior to the show. My next goal is to be under 14 st by the end of the first week of September, leaving 4 weeks to drop the last stone.

Guest staying at the holiday cottage for the last 2 weeks have been using the gym during their stay and have enjoyed the fact the gym is just next door to the cottage.

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