Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brittany Fishing via the Holiday Cottage

Just 5 min away from the Brittany Holiday Cottage is a small private lake, last night I had my first night fish in the hope of catching a large Eel. You are allowed to fish with 2 rods and I had each set up with a running ledger offering garden worms, because the lake is heavily stocked I decided not to use ground bait.
I started at 8pm and at 11 pm had my first run that I missed, the next came at 12.30 and after a great 5 min fight I landed the above Carp, as a guess I would say it was around 7lbs being long and lean.
Unfortunately that was the only fish I caught and the last of the runs, in hindsight maybe I should have ground baited the swim....I may not have caught any Eels but I could have more fun with some Carp.
For those wishing to fish via the Holiday Cottage I'm always at hand to assist if needed.

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