Saturday, July 4, 2009

Brittany Holiday Cottage with Pool and Gym

Its been a lovely day again here at the Brittany holiday cottage so I enjoyed the pool before the new guest arrived this afternoon.

Popped into Baud after the guest arrived and bought a new saddle for my mountain bike, the best 30 euros Ive spent. What a difference for comfort on ridding the bike, just popped out for a 8 mile ride with no pain at the road work starts, with just 14 weeks to go before the competition the weight really has to start coming off me.

My aim is to be below 15 stone by the start of August, ideally below 14st 7lbs as I'm starting the creatine at that point and have always put on weight when Ive started it, so its on the bike every day for me now.

One thing that has surprised me as Ive lost the weight is my joints have started to ache, first the elbows then the knees which has effected my training. I started taking Cod Liver oil tablets at the start of June and since riding the bike for the last 2 weeks my knees feel alot better enabling me to squat again.

I touched 15st 9lbs this week, I feel confident I'll get to the show in condition and have noticed a sudden change on how lean I'm looking with my abbs showing well now.

Its great countryside around the Brittany holiday cottage for ridding a bike with loads of hills to push your legs and the downward side to recover.

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