Saturday, July 25, 2009

Brittany Holiday Cottage with Pool and Gym

Just 3 miles from the Brittany holiday cottage with pool is the market town of Baud, located behind the Intermarche supermarket is Le Podium night club. To be honest at 42 I felt rather old in the club when ever Ive been there, although it does not open until midnight the majority of the patrons are between 15 and 19 with a scattering of older people and it does feel more like a school disco, hence Ive only been twice on different nights to see if the age range changed alas not.The only other time Ive been was when I went with a group of French friends after a night out just to continue the night further and again our group of 20 were the oldest in the club.

Ive been there 3 times now and have never seen any trouble and it does feel a very friendly place to have a dance and boogie.

The entry fee is 10 euro's but with that you get a free drink of your choice.

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