Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brittany Holiday Cottage with Pool and Gym

Just 7 miles from the Brittany Holiday Cottage with pool is the lovely town of locmine, I'm now riding my bike there and back 5 times per week to try to shift the weight. Last Friday I was 15 st 7lbs and after doing cardio 5 times per week and having a restricted diet the weight seemed to stop coming off. I decided to have a binge day eating as much fatty food as I could eat.

I started with a tin of beans, 3 whole fried eggs and a steak, lunch 250 grams of cheese and a pack of ham with a whole French baguette and butter, dinner was steak, eggs and chips plus I managed to get through a litre of Ice cream (1000 calories in the tub) plus some chocolate.

On Saturday morning I weighed in at 15st 11lbs, from Saturday the diet recommenced plus the cardio and today I weighed in at 15st 6lbs. The hope is I will be at least 15st 4lbs by Friday.

I have also increased my weight training by an additional day therefore training 4 times per week in the Gym.

New guest arrived at La Forge last Saturday and are using the gym themselves during there 2 week stay at the holiday cottage, both were impressed with the standard of equipment and the versatility of what exercises can be performed.

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