Saturday, August 1, 2009

Brittany Holiday Cottage with Pool and Gym

Its the 1st August at the Brittany holiday cottage with pool and only 10 weeks away from the NPA Mike Williams classic being held in Sheffield. With that in mind I have started the Creatine today, I'm using maximuscle's Creatamax 300 which I bought at the start of the year and brought over to France on a return trip as Muximuscle are not allowed to send in the post to France.

I have just noticed the best before date is August 09 so hopefully it wont effect its use up till the show date. Its been a year since I have used Creatine so I should get a good result from its use, the intention is to try to prevent muscle loss over the next 10 weeks as the diet really gets serious.

The normal procedure is to load it for 5 days using 20 grams per day followed by a maintenance dose of 10 grams per day for 6 weeks, Im looking to load for 9 days then continue the maintenance dose right up to the show. So I expect my workouts to increase in intensity over the weeks in the Gym at the Brittany holiday cottage and start doing longer bike rides.

I will post new pictures at the end of the first week of September when hopefully I'll be under 14 stone and starting too get defined.

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