Monday, August 24, 2009

Brittany Holiday Cottage with Pool

Just 3 miles from the Brittany holiday cottage with pool is the market town of Baud, last week I reported my daughter started a swimming course at the public pool in Baud.

She enjoyed every day of the 5 day course which concentrated on performing the Brest stroke, each child was initially given buoyancy aids no matter if they could swim or not and initially the leg technique was practiced, as time went bye depending on the ability of the child buoyancy aids were reduced and by the third day the arm movements were started.

Although I was initially despondent with the feeling that my daughter who could swim had buoyancy aids on, after the first session I could see the reasons why and liked the way the swimming was being taught.

I would recommend any child learning to swim to attend the course, even though my daughter could not understand French the instructor was extremely good in using body language to express what he wanted to see from her in the way she swam.

After attending the course having private use of the swimming pool at the Brittany holiday cottage is a great opportunity to put into practice what was learnt during the course.

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