Thursday, October 29, 2015

Our Brittany holiday cottage near Baud with heated pool and gym

Today at our Brittany holiday cottage near Baud with heated pool and gym is rest day for me but I'm struggling not to go in the gym - which I guess is a very good sign.

I weighed myself today and seem to have put on 2 lbs even though I have been very good on my diet - however I do feel a lot leaner and my muscles are showing more, I guess with all this gym work and diet I've lost fat but gained muscle.

I'm back to how I looked in February before the injury in my right elbow that effected me for 6 months of this year,

I'm eating 5 times per day, starting with 3 weetabix and an omelet, roast chicken with vegetables (no potatoes) and 7 egg omelets ( just 1 yoke) through the day and just snaking on fruit.

I'm currently 19 st 2lbs - my next scheduled cheat meal is on 7th November lets see how my weight changes over the next 10 days! If it does not start coming off soon I guess the only thing to do is start some cardio. My aim is to get down to 13 stone for a show next year.

In the mean time I have decided to start training my abbs on my rest day, firstly to feed my first for training and secondly to increase my metabolism - I've also noticed with the introduction of dead lifts my abbs feel stronger as its training all my core.

The gym at our Brittany holiday cottage is available for our guest staying in La Forge and La Veille Maison.

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