Thursday, October 22, 2015

Brittany cottage near Baud with private pool and gym

Today at our Brittany cottage near Baud with a private pool and gym I was back in the gym for a chest and tricep workout.

Started of with 6 sets of incline bench press starting at 60 kg and finishing on 80 kg - then 3 sets of decline bench press at 80 kg and finishing with 2 sets of 35 kg flat bench dumbbell press.

I'm concentrating for the first 6 months on purely compound exercises and then introduce some flying to gain more separation.

It was then on to triceps where I started with 7 sets of tricep cable push downs starting with 20 kg for 30 reps and then increasing the weight up to 50 kgs with less reps.

To finish I did 2 sets of tricep rope pull downs with a kick out to the side at the bottom of the movement.

Had a lovely roast chicken and mixed veg waiting for me after the workout to feed the muscle growth.

Looking to grow my chest at the gym at our holiday cottage

The gym is available for guest staying in La Forge and La Veille Maison.

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