Thursday, October 8, 2015

Brittany holiday cottage with private swimming pool and gym near Baud

Its been a week now at our Brittany holiday cottage with private swimming pool and gym near Baud that my diet has drastically changed.

It was my birthday on 26th September, as my parents were with us at the holiday cottage for the celebrations as well as Naomi's birthday on 30th it was decided prudent to start the diet on the 1st October.

My new diet is as follows:

Breakfast 2 weetabix plus 200 ml of half fat milk plus a 5 egg omelet (1 yoke only)

Lunch 7 egg omelet (1 yoke)

Mid afternoon snack 7 egg omelet ( 1 yoke)

Dinner steamed salmon fillet and steamed veg

The new diet

Evening snack 7 egg omelet ( 1 yoke)

In addition to the above I probably have 2 pieces of fruit as snacks.

The evening meal changes each day but the other meals remain constant. I'm not counting the calories but I guess I'm under or around 2000 which is a lot lower than my 4000 plus calories a day.

I have a year to loose 6 stone - it sounds scary but its under 2 lbs per week. The aim is to carry on like this over the next 6 months and for the final 6 months start the cardio to increase my metabolism.

I will of course continue to train as heavy as possible in the gym throughout the next year, training 5 times per week.

The gym is available for guest to train throughout the year for those enjoying a holiday in either La Forge or La veille maison.

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