Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The gym at our Brittany holiday cottage near Baud

After a 2 day rest I was back in the gym today at our Brittany holiday cottage near Baud for a back and bicep workout.

With 12 months to go before I compete again Ive decided to switch around every workout during this next year, incorporating different exercises and the order I do them in - its all about freshening up my workouts to get maximum muscle stimulation.

Today I had to be a little careful as I've had a slight back twinge over the last few days and I pulled something in my right forearm while doing heavy wide grip pull downs to the front last Friday.

So with that in mind I did 6 sets of extra wide grip pull downs to the back of my neck starting on 50kg and increasing each set until I got to 80kg.

Then for a change I moved on to dead lifts ( normally do these on a different day)

5 sets starting on 60 kg moving up to 140 kg for 6  reps and thankfully my back felt strong and no pain at all - just decided not to push myself to much!

I then just did 4 sets of dumbbell standing curls using the fat gripz for the first time with that - it felt really weird holding the dumbbells but my forearms felt as though they were going to explode.

Looking forward to hitting chest tomorrow - determined to make some big gains on that over the next year at the gym in our holiday cottage.

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