Sunday, October 11, 2015

Our Brittany holiday cottage with private pool and gym near Baud

Its been a week now at our Brittany holiday cottage with private pool and gym near Baud that the diet has been in force and in my first week I've lost 4lbs.

It feels a lot more as my T shirts seem to be very loose all round. I've not done any cardio but been in the gym 5 times over the week lifting weights at the gym located at our holiday cottage.

The aim is to just hit the diet and gym for the first 6 months and then start the cardio to loose the last 3 stone of 6 next year with the aim of competing in a natural body building show to celebrate my 50th next September.

I must admit my training has been very much the same for the last few years, just performing the same exercises week in week out. I've decided to mix it up now to stimulate new growth.

So today rather than just doing 6 sets of flat bench presses I opted for 5 sets of incline followed by 5 sets of decline.

The gym at the holiday cottage has a bench that allows multiply angles of training  - thus allowing you to hit the muscles at all the angles to maximize muscle stimulation. In addition I used the fat gripz to get that extra movement in the exercise and take the pressure of my shoulders and elbows.

The good old days of youth - I will be back thanks to having our own gym at the holiday cottage
 The gym at our Brittany holiday cottage is available for all to use that stay in either La Forge or La veille Maison.

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