Friday, October 16, 2015

Our Brittany holiday cottage with private heated pool and gym near Baud

Yesterday at our Brittany holiday cottage with private heated pool and gym near Baud, Naomi and I closed the swimming pool for the winter season.

To clarify the steps of closing the pool.

Two weeks ago the heater was switched off and we have allowed the temperature of the water to drop to under 10 degrees - the recent cold nights have helped going down to 3 degrees for a few nights this week.

Yesterday I cleaned the pool, the skimmer nets were replaced and the pump filter was also cleaned.

I then added a winter dose of Chlorine equivalent to what I use for a shock treatment then covered the pool with the winter cover.

I left the pump running for an additional 24 hours and now its been switched off.

From now until the opening of the pool in March I will just run the pump once per week for 3 hours just to turn the water over.

Naomi cleaning the pool in the summer at the Brittany holiday cottage

The pool this year has been an absolute doddle to maintain as we switched products and opted for an all in one tablet that did everything. In past years we would get algae growth appearing every couple of weeks after a  treatment but this year none!

The swimming pool is opened in March and offered on a private basis from 12th March through to the end of May for guest staying in La Forge and then throughout the summer months shared with La veille Maison also.

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