Monday, December 27, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool

Just the other side of Chapel Nerve which is 3 minutes away from the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool lives a friend who looks after Elsa when ever I'm away and it was my turn to look after their animals today for a week while they are away.

With a dog, 2 goats, 3 hens and 3 ducks to look after I tend to be there for 45 minutes each day giving them all food, fresh water and the dog and goats some time.

As a bonus for me I get to collect all the eggs while they are away.

I will buy some new hens for the holiday cottage in February so children staying at La Forge or La Veille maison can collect fresh eggs each year. I will increase the height of the fence to prevent the birds wondering the garden as I do not want a repeat of this year losing a bird to a cat or fox.

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