Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool

With just the turkey left at the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool looking after the bird is no trouble at all. I don't even shut the bird away each night because it roosts up a tree above the chicken run, all I do is provide fresh food and water each day.

The only concern I do have is cats coming into the garden, as I lost a chicken to some kind of animal in November, the good news is that the Turkey is quite vocal and on 2 separate occasions has called out if a cat was around. I let the dog out and she chases it away.

Next February I will buy 3 new chickens and 2 turkeys at the local Saturday market in Baud so that children staying at the holiday cottage can collect eggs each day during there holiday and 1 turkey will be given as a gift for anyone booking La Forge for the Christmas of 2011.

Book the Brittany holiday cottage for 2 weeks at Christmas and take advantage of our 2 week special booking deal, see website for details.

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