Thursday, December 16, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool

Just 25 min away from the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool is the coast and looking at the time tables for this week tomorrow is an ideal day to pop down to Etel to fish. High tide is at 2pm with a coefficient of just 44, so it won't be a repeat of my last trip with a coefficient of 112 that caused us not to fish for the main part because the water was running to fast.

The nearest Decathlon store is in Lorient just 25 miles from la Forge and I pooped along this afternoon to buy the rag worm. As soon as I opened the fridge door in the store I knew there was going to be a problem, on inspection of just the 4 boxes of small rag left, all the worms were dead and looked a mess. The shop also had 3 boxes of large worms and they were alive and looked ok but at 5.50 euros a box are very expensive and from past experience are not good value for money, I'm able to get more full hooks of worms using the smaller worms buy buying 4 boxes at 4 euros each rather than 3 boxes of the large.

With the worms being rather disappointing I left with just a few items of tackle and opted to buy a couple of fresh mackerel instead at the local super market for just 2 euro's.

If I can get up early enough I might have a go at digging for a few fresh worms at low tide.

I am eager to fish tomorrow as I am normally not in France during December and am looking forward to finding out what fish are around for me to catch.

All types of fishing can be found around the local area of the Brittany holiday cottage be it; course, game or sea fishing.

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