Friday, December 24, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool and gym

After a days rest I will hit the gym again today at the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool, it feels great to be back into a regular routine.

The diet is going well, although I did slip up yesterday, hopefully one day will not make a big difference on this weeks results, I will weigh myself Monday morning. My starting weight at the beginning of the week was 16st 10lbs.

My upper body is feeling nice and sore this morning after the 2 upper body work outs this week and my arms feel nice, full and tight.

I'll do 6 sets of squats today followed by 3 sets of straight leg dead lifts for my leg biceps, very light.

As its a bright sunny day at the Brittany holiday cottage I'll train around 3 pm so the gym will be warm and I would have had sufficient food in my system to give me the energy to train. Ive never had good weight work outs in the morning, I always feel so much stronger after a day of eating by the evening.

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