Sunday, December 22, 2013

Brittany holiday cottage with private heated swimming pool and gym

Today at the Brittany holiday cottage with private heated swimming pool and gym was chest and triceps day.

I've been back in the gym regularly now for 2 weeks and its lovely to see how quickly my strength returns, I guess that's the major benefit of being drug free, it may take a long time to build the muscle but on the flip side it takes along time to loose it.

As I said this was the end of my second week and during those weeks I've trained each body part on 3 separate occasions. I train using a 3 day split: Day 1: Chest & Triceps, Day 2: Back and Biceps and Day 3: Legs. I have a rest day either at the end of the 3 day cycle or in between depending on how I feel - the one thing I have learnt is that its just as important to have rest days as well as those days in the gym.

During the rest day as I am currently trying to slim down I will go for a 4 mile walk so in reality I'm training every day and a rest day is more a day away from the gym.

At 47 my aim is to compete again before hitting 50, my last show was in 2009 after a 13 year gap between shows and I'm determined to not leave it so long.

I get a buzz when there are teenagers staying at the holiday cottages who get the bug to train while here and I get the chance to show them the ropes, it brings back fond memories of my motivators when I was a teenager. I often say I look forward to hearing that they become a Mr Great Britain or Mr Holland in the future.

La Forge Brittany holiday cottage is available to rent all year, where as La veille maison is available from the end of May until the start of September.

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