Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Brittany holiday cottage with heated pool and gym

Yesterday at the Brittany holiday cottage with heated pool and gym was legs day and today I trained chest and triceps.

Within the gym at the holiday cottages is a squat rack that enables me to squat safely and as it was my first leg session in 2 weeks I took it easy just doing 6 sets with the final set at 120 kg for 8 reps, next time I'll do 140 kg. It won't take long to be back up to 160 kg.

Tonight as I was training alone I did not push the bench press hard but just stayed at 100 kg as my maximum weight. I always tell guest staying at the holiday cottages who use the gym that I am always willing to assist to enable safe training or stress if they wish to train alone never try personal best or weights that they are not comfortable with.

Having a gym at the Brittany holiday cottages is a lovely bonus for those who wish to stay in condition while enjoying their holiday in France.

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