Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool and gym

The Brittany holiday cottage with private pool and gym is located in some wonderful countryside to enable you to enjoy walks or getting about on a bike.

So there has really been no excuses for my inactivity but to be honest over the last year I have gained 2 stone due to the stresses and strains of life emitting from the UK creating a lack of motivation to get of my back side.

This week I've turned a new leaf and Naomi and I have hit the pathways each day with 4 mile walks.

We have also changed our eating habits and stopped buying the ice cream, biscuits and crisps ( basically all the comfort food). We now eat loads of vegetables each day normally with roast chicken as a main meal.

We now normally have porridge for breakfast, then our biggest meal for lunch and then a lighter evening meal of either an omelette or another bowl of porridge.

For snacks it now oranges, apples or a banana.

My weight last Friday was 19 stone, the last time I was this weight was back in 2003, since then I have competed in a natural body building show in 2009 at a competition weight of 14 stone 4lbs.

My aim now over the next 6 months is to drop below 17 stone with a view of competing again in 2015 at a show weight of 12st 7lbs.

I'm not so concerned at the moment about hitting the gym so often my main concern is doing the cardio and training each body part once per week in the gym. Once I'm at 17 stone I'll up the gym workout to training each body part every 5 days.

I'll post once a week my weight and miles walked each week to show my progress.

The great news with living at the Brittany holiday cottage location is that there is the on site gym so its very easy to keep the training up once the motivation kicks in.

Guest staying at either La Forge or La Veille maison have access to the gym during there holiday.

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