Friday, December 20, 2013

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool and gym

Last night Naomi and I hit the gym again at the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool and trained together doing back and biceps.

We have a lat pull down machine and we started off with 5 sets of ultra wide pull downs to the back of our head. I bought a 60 inch bar that allows really wide pull downs. We then did 4 sets of slightly narrower pull downs to our chest

After that it was biceps and I did barbell curls for 4 sets up to 50 kg while Naomi did 3 sets of dumbbell curls. Still feeling weak on my bicep curls as I've had some time off, still another 20 kgs to add at some point.

30 minutes and we were done - its lovely doing a split routine you just come in hit a couple of body parts and then chill.

I hit the scales this morning and weighed 18st 11lbs so Ive actually gained a pound, not to worried as I feel leaner. We have not walked much over the last week but I have been in the gym on 4 occasions so I guess I've put a bit of muscle back on.

The gym is available for guest staying at either La Forge or La Veille maison the Brittany holiday cottages with private pool and gym.

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