Sunday, June 27, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with private swimming pool

Yesterday was a changeover day at the Brittany holiday cottage with private swimming pool and the guest departing told me Friday evening that they would be leaving at 10 am. With that in mind I popped down too Baud before 9am to see if the guy selling livestock had any egg producing Ducks for sale, the majority of his Ducks for sale are for meat.

I was in luck in that he had one egg producing bird amongst 20 that were for the pot, it lacked a lot of feathers on its back but apart from its shabby appearance the guy assured me it was fine.

As soon as i released it amongst the other birds, they attacked the poor youngster, 2 weeks ago when i bought the other Duckling it was accepted by all the birds with no problems and the existing Duck literally took it under its wing and protected it.

What a difference with the new bird, this time it was the existing Duck that was the most aggressive literally climbing on its back and biting its head. I quickly rescued the youngster and have built a temporary secluded section within the existing run, the other birds can see it but cant get at it. I think I will leave it in there for 2 weeks before I introduce it to the other birds, one to let the feathers grow back and to allow it to grow.

I don't know if its shabby appearance had any thing to do with the onslaught but I did not want to loose another Duckling.

When I bought the hens they were lacking alot of feathers and looked shabby themselves but they soon grew back and look really healthy now and fully grown after 8 weeks of being with me. Mine are twice the size of a friends birds who bought there's the same weekend, there's are left to forage for food most of the day and are fed twice per day with chicken feed, where as mine have a constant supply of food in the chicken run.

The chickens and birds have been one of the best buys for the holiday cottage, guest staying at la Forge especially the children enjoy feeding them scrapes and interacting with them.

The Brittany holiday cottage with private swimming pool is available to rent all year, please check website for availability, we are now taking bookings for 2011.

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