Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with private swimming pool

I learnt I had to do a new job yesterday at the Brittany holiday cottage with private swimming pool with regards to the pool maintenance.

The swimming pool is heated via a heat exchanger and walking along the garden path yesterday I noticed the heater sounded different, on inspection I was alarmed to see the back of the heater covered in thick ice during a hot summers day.

I immediately switched it off and went on line to browse for a manual, I could not find my make but read the maintenance instructions for a similar model.

Once the ice melted I discovered that the thin wire grill at the back of the heater was covered in gunk and following the service instructions I found, I cleaned this all off using a paint brush and a bucket of water not to damage the grill.

Once cleaned I switched the heater back on and noticed a more powerful ejection of wind from the machine and it was running very quite again.

I woke up this morning to another bright and sunny day at the Brittany holiday cottage with private swimming pool and rechecked the heater to find no ice and all was running lovely. I did notice a few leaves had fallen from the tree above and through the suction of the fan had stuck to the grill.

So I guess the muck I had cleaned off was made up of leaves that had simply been sucked onto the grill and then had broken down into the muck.

So I guess each morning I'll just check for debris and remove and leaves that are present, that way it will avoid having to do a major clean once per year.

Guest staying at the holiday cottage currently are enjoying a second week of hot sunny weather and its a joy to see the young boy learning to swim in the pool each day.

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