Monday, June 7, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool

Saturday morning we popped down to the morning market in Baud just 3 miles away from the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool. to buy an additional egg laying duck.

My daughter picked which duckling she wanted and promptly names it Milly, so we now have 2 ducks Milly and Lilly.

Unlike the introduction of the young Turkey a few weeks ago when all the birds bullied it with what seemed some very vicious pecks on the head, the duckling was accepted straight away, the resident Duck literally took it under its wing and protected it from the hens, Spike did his normal dance scraping his wing on the ground to show it was his domain.

Looking forward to getting our first eggs from the hens, who are looking large now, I expect they will start laying within the next few weeks.

Buying the birds was a great idea, guest of the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool, especially the children get a great deal of joy from them.

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