Monday, January 4, 2016

Weight training at the gym located at our Brittany holiday cottage near Baud

Today I took a rest from the weight training at the gym located at our Brittany holiday cottage near Baud as I had a rather punishing leg workout yesterday.

Around noon today my back just went - in hindsight I think it was the Romanian dead lifts, a new exercise for me to work on my hamstrings.

I have always steered clear of dead lifts because of my fear of what it will do to my lower back but this year I implemented them in to my workout and have really enjoyed doing them - I think I have always respected the exercise and really concentrated on good form.

Yesterday I think I became to relaxed with the weights, for starters I took the weight of from the squat rack rather than the floor and walked backwards with the weight to start the exercise, with 120 kg. I also put all my concentration on feeling my hamstrings rather than my back and I think this is how I've ended up with an injury.

So today its pain killers, wearing a back support,Tiger Balm and trying to find a comfortable position.

Tomorrow I hope ill be back in the gym after a good nights sleep.

Before moving to France from the age of 30 through to 40 I used to have real problems with my back, so much so that once or twice per year I needed a walking stick for a few days and receive physio - I was also prescribed some very strong pain killers.

The problems continued in France until I went to see a French physio who during the appointment asked how long do I wear my neoprene back support each day at which point I asked whats one of those? I was prescribed a belt after the appointment and just wearing the belt for the first 30 - 60 minutes after waking up in the morning I found my back was a lot better.

I used to have to take a pain killer tablet before a workout just to get through the workout but today I do not use the strong prescribed pain killers and have not done so for the last 7 years!

Now the only problem I have with my back is shopping with my partner, she just moves to slow around the shops for my liking and if i'm stationary and standing it plays havoc - as long as I'm moving not a problem and then the only other time I have a problem is being to care free in the gym as was the case yesterday.

The gym at our Brittany holiday cottage is open to all our guest enjoying a holiday here.

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