Saturday, September 19, 2009

Brittany Holiday Cottage with Pool

The market town of Baud is just 3 miles from the Brittany holiday cottage with pool and last night I popped out with a friend and ate in the Le Citron Vert for the first time since it changed ownership.

The food was always good there but its now even better, My mate and I cleaned our plates and throughout the couple of games of pool afterwards in the bar area commented on how good the food was.

We both had the steaks mine with the garlic butter and his with the Roquefort cheese and finished with a 3 cheese crepe for desert which was gorgeous.

Its the little things that make the difference and the small changes to be found with the meals were; rather than just a salad with the steak and chips you were now given a tube of asparagus rapped in bacon with the salad and one of my old gripes before the restaurant had changed management was butter was never served with the some what stale bread where as the bread is now fresh and butter is served.

For a relaxed enjoyable meal, a drink and a game of pool or darts then the Le Citron Vert is just the place being only 5 min away from La Forge the Brittany holiday cottage with private pool and gym.

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