Thursday, September 10, 2009

Brittany Fishing via the Holiday Cottage with pool

I reported yesterday that I took a guest staying at the Brittany holiday cottage with pool fishing at Etel. Well they say that knowledge is power and in the case of fishing it means tight lines and a fish supper. I had contacted a friend to see if he had fished the mark over the last month to determine my tactics and have received his email this morning just a day late, with the knowledge it contained my whole tactics would have changed and yesterdays blank may have been avoided.

He stated ' I did have a few results on the two days I went fishing at Etel during the end of August. Both at slack tide. On one day I caught four Turbot about 20 meters from shore and the other day I caught a mid sized Thornback ledgering some Mackerel strips of the end of the pier. Unfortunately, I lost a monster Bass - loss of which was probably not helped by the fact that I had these three or so plonkers standing right next to me demanding all kinds of questions as i was playing it in'.

If I had received that email before my trip I would not have spent the day spinning for Bass, bearing in mind he only hooked 1 in two trips and all the fish he had caught were flat fish I would have got my beach casters out and kept fishing through the change of tide rather than finishing as we did 30 min prior to high tide.

Oh well...its all part of fishing

I will go again next week and report back how I did, Etel is just 40 min away from the Brittany Holiday cottage.

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