Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brittany Fishing via the Holiday Cottage

A guest staying at the Brittany holiday cottage with pool was interested in going sea fishing this week during their stay so I offered to take him to one of my favorite marks.

I last fished 3 weeks ago and only caught 1 tiny Bass so was keen to try a different location to see if the fish were there. We also had a choice of either beach casting or spinning, for a change I opted to spin for the Bass and opted to fish at Etel.
We started at low water fishing beside the tower right on the mouth of the estuary in the picture above, after a couple of hours we had to retreat back onto the beach as the tide rose and I stayed right on the end of the sea wall casting into the rough water above as it entered the estuary.
It was an enjoyable days fishing even though we failed to get a bite but Richard agreed it looked and felt like a great location to fish....just that the fish are still not around yet.
There were about a dozen fisherman lining the beach, all beach casting and keeping an eye on them, no one seemed to catch anything, so it confirms its still to early.
I will try again in 2 weeks time with a beach caster to see if the colder days have a change on the fishing, the coefficient was running at just 76 today, we stopped fishing at high tide.
Anyone staying at La Forge, the Brittany holiday cottage with pool that has an interest in fishing I'm more than happy to assist or even pop along with as I enjoy a days fishing also.

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