Monday, September 14, 2009

Brittany Fishing via the Holiday Cottage with pool

With the sun shinning at the Brittany holiday cottage with pool this morning I decided to pop down to Etel again for a try for Turbot.
Stopping off at a super market I bought 3 Mackerel and a single squid for bait and arrived at the mark at 10.30, high tide was at 14.08 with a Coeff of just 45.
I baited 1 rod with squid the other with a small mackerel fillet on an Aberdeen no 1 long shank hook on a running ledger, with a 3 foot leader from the weight. As the current was so weak today I just used a 80 gram breakaway lead.
Just as my friend reported in his last 2 fishing trips he caught his turbot during the slack water and bang on time at around 2pm I had my first and last bite of the day and caught the above small Turbot on the Mackerel.
After catching the fish I baited up both rods on the Mackerel and was only casting 20-25 meters from the shore.
All day I was hoping that elusive Bass would pick up the bait but alas not today.
Next trip will be a night fish to see if that's more productive.
I was fishing along side 3 other anglers today using beach casters and I was the only one to catch, another chap arrived at 2pm and used a spinning rod with an imitation sandeel lure but when I finished at 4pm he had yet to catch.
Etel is just a short drive from La Forge and its just one of many fishing marks scattered around the coast.

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