Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Brittany Fishing via the Holiday Cottage with pool

Etel is just a 40 min drive from the Brittany holiday cottage with pool and another fish that's available to catch is Dorrade or Bream.

To give some helpful details about this wonderful fish to eat and catch:


Seeks out rocky ground, patches of boulders and rubble, but especially shallow reefs that work out at angles from the shore. Can also be found close to inshore wrecks in deep water and will cross clean sandy ground on their way to new rough ground feeding areas.


Is a catholic feeder taking mostly shellfish from the rocks, but also small sandeels, worms and even tiny crabs.


Bream are not a regular shore based catch in most areas, but this is more to do with anglers being preoccupied by other species, rather than the bream not being present. If the boats in your area catch bream, then a carefully selected and suitable shore venue in the same area will, sooner or later, produce a bream for you.


Bream will move close in to the deeper beaches, from the open beaches aim to fish close to or onto shingle banks and patches of rougher ground. Take notice of any debris on the seabed within casting range such as small wrecks.


The best opportunities are during calm spells with just a gentle sea swell and no wind. Rough seas keep the bream offshore. Daylight hours give fish, but peak catches occur during the dusk and dawn periods, especially if these coincide with a newly flooding tide.
Fishing in the mid day period, try to fish under an overcast sky without any sun if the water is shallowish. On steeper, deeper beaches the sun doesn't really have a major affect on the catch.


From open beaches, either shallow or steep to, try only the bigger spring tides fishing from dead low water through to high. Very few venues produce fish on the ebb unless the water is over 30ft deep.
Occasionally, bream can be contacted from rock stations, but the ebb and flood will both produce, though expect bites to die as the tide flow eases. neaps can fish just as well as springs in this deeper water.


You'll need true 5-6oz casting rods for this fishing as the bream tend to be mostly at a longish range. Reel line though, can be reduced to 12lbs, but keep the casting leader to 50lbs minimum.


The best rig is a clipped up two hook type. This needs to be about 30" long with a bead trapped swivel set in the middle of the rig taking one hook length and another bead trapped swivel placed at the base close to the weight. Use a size 4 rolling swivel at the top and size 3/0 Mustad Oval Split Ring to take the weight. The bait clips are mounted on the rig upside and should be placed between the top hook length and the rolling swivel, with the lower clip placed between the two trapped swivels.
Rigged like this you'll gain a few yards on the cast, but more importantly the small baits are compressed into the bend of the hook during the cast maintaining reasonable levels of presentation.
Hook lengths need to be about 15" long and from 25lb line. The best hook pattern is again the Mustad 3261BLN Aberdeen size 2-4.


The same fish strips, lug, rag, cockles and crab work just as well from the shore, though crab and sandeel can often pick up the slightly bigger fish.


Nothing fancy! If the ground is cleanish, then allow the bait to roll and locate the holding grounds using an unwired lead. If you have other anglers near you, then stick with a wired lead, but experiment with casting distances. Fishing like this means that the bream, for once, will hook themselves.
As the tide flow eases, cast as far as you can and then retrieve the bait a foot at a time with short pauses in between. This causes the baits to flutter up an down which will help attract passing fish.

The Brittany holiday cottage with pool is in a great location for some wonderful days out fishing, either fresh water on the nearby river Blavet or around the coast for some great sea fishing marks.

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