Saturday, September 19, 2009

Brittany Holiday Cottage with Pool and Gym

What a difference a week makes, I have still been training in the gym at the Brittany holiday cottage with pool and going out on the bike 5 times per week but the real change has been diet. I'm now zig zaging my carbs which is basically eating no carbs for 2 days then on the third eating them and have lost 6lbs this week.

Its not a normal diet and is purely a pre contest diet which should only be used for a few weeks as its not very healthy, I have had a few head aches this week but needs must, I do feel alot leaner now at just 14st 8lbs.

With just 3 weeks now before the show my goal is still to be between 13st 7lbs and 13st 10lbs.

Had some good workouts this week in the gym at the holiday cottage still managed to bench press 110 kgs, which is good bearing in mind my restricted diet.

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