Saturday, February 27, 2010

La Forge Brittany holiday cottage with private swimming pool

The final instalment on how I keep the pool at the Brittany holiday cottage nice and clean is relatively short just to finish on every thing that I do.

Some times normally about twice per year no matter what I do the water goes alittle cloudy, it could be something that is blown into the water, I really dont know what, but as soon as I see the problem its sorted out in just a matter of a few hours.

I have a final trick up my sleeve known as Flock cartridges and if ever the water turns alittle cloudy I place one of these in the skimmer nets. Basically the flock magnetises the tiny particles in the water and makes them bind together, before the particles are so small that they just circulate through the sand filter but after inserting the flock cartridge they become big enough to be trapped within the sand and just like magic within a matter of hours the pool is back to being crystal clear again.

The only thing I then do is back wash the sand filter to clean the sand of the debris.

Its as simple as that to keep the pool at the Brittany holiday cottage crystal clear throughout the holiday season.

La Forge Brittany holiday cottage offers a Private swimming pool for your enjoyment and a gym for those wishing to keep trim while enjoying the delights of the French cusine.

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