Saturday, February 13, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with private swimming pool

In this section of how I look after the private swimming pool at the Brittany holiday cottage I will touch on the day to day care.

Each morning the pool cover is removed and any leaves are scooped out from the water with a net and 4 or 5 times per week the bottom of the pool is hoovered to remove any debris that has blown in.

The swimming pool at the holiday cottage has 2 skimmer filters that collect any surface litter in the first stages of filtration, these are checked each morning for any night time visitors that have been trapped such as frogs which are removed with all other blown in material. The nets tend to be replaced once per week.

While we are on the subject of filtration, the surface skimmers and nets are the first stage of pool filtration, once the water passes the fine mesh nets it then moves too the pump which has another mesh filter, once through that is passes through a sand filter to capture the smallest of particles.The sand filter is back washed once per week to eject all the matter that is collected.

I would say that to keep the pool clean, healthy and spotless takes less than 20 min per day.

Ive heard horror stories from guest saying they stayed at cottages in the past who's pools were green with algae, covered in debris and basically unfit to enjoy. It feels so nice to hear from guest staying at la Forge how good the pool looks and makes the time worth while in keeping it pristine.

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