Saturday, February 6, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool

Laforge Brittany holiday cottage benefits from having private use of the swimming pool and over the last few seasons many guest staying at the cottage ask how easy is the pool to maintain.

For me it all goes back to keeping Koi Carp, initially you get so wrapped up in checking the water quality that your forever making adjustments with chemicals and end up never get it right.

The previous owner left instructions on how to look after the swimming pool, pumps and filters but remembering my fish keeping days I created my own system sticking to the basic principles that were laid down by him.

The main lesson I learnt from the Koi days is that the weather can change the results of water test on a day to day basis and thinking there was something wrong in the early days I would add more chemicals and have a yo yo effect with the water.

I now test the water around the same time of day once or twice a week which is more than adequate and over time your eye soon picks up any changes in the water quality.

Ill post more information over the next few days on what chemicals I use and how to keep the water of the private pool at the holiday cottage crystal clear and healthy.

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