Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with private pool

Looking after the private pool at the Brittany holiday cottage has worked out easier than I ever expected.

With the water quality the first element is the Chlorine, the previous owner explained to me that the main purpose of adding this to the pool is to kill all the harmful microorganisms and bacteria that could be harmfull to swimmers. The second element of using the Chlorine is to yo yo the levels in the water to control algae growth, if the levels remain the same algae will get used to the concentration and begin to florish so to keep the water crystal clear the Chlorine is bounced up and down over a 5 -7 day cycle.

In addition too the Chlorine I use another Chemical known as HTH tablets and this is also used to kill any bacteria in the water.

The fact that the pool is only used by guest of La Forge holiday cottage, the levels of Chlorine do not have to reach what you would find in a public pool, therefore its more pleasurable to swim at La Forge without having sore eyes from over Chlorinated water.

Ive now looked after the pool for 4 years and have had no problems, in the next blog I will talk about checking the PH of the water and the general cleaning needed to keep the water crystal clear for the guest enjoyment.

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