Monday, February 15, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with private swimming pool

The Brittany holiday cottage with private swimming pool always looks clean and inviting to swim, in this instalment of pool care I will mention testing the PH of the water.

Testing the water of the swimming pool is carried out on a regular basis normally every 5 days, one of the test is making sure the PH of the water is at the correct level. The PH is the water hardness or softness depending on which way you look at it, the reason this is important to get right is because all the other water treatments rely on a certain water quality to function correctly.

Its the PH of the water that I have found to change depending on the weather. Now if I get an off reading rather than instantly add PH minus too bring the reading down or PH plus to raise it, I wait and test the water each day over the week to just make sure its not the weather that's changed the reading. If after a week the readings are still out I don't add the full dose of chemicals to make the desired adjustment but to break it down into smaller amounts and wait to see what difference it makes. The mistake I made in the first season was to put the calculated amount in one go only to find the water quality swinging all the way over and out of the required margins, hence its better to check the water quality in gradual amounts and over days.

In this way you reduce the amount of chemicals that are being used in the pool which not only saves money but makes the whole job a lot simpler.

I hope you enjoy the private swimming pool at La Forge Brittany holiday cottage

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