Sunday, February 21, 2010

Brittany holiday cottage with private swimming pool

La Forge Brittany holiday cottage with private swimming pool is situated just 3 miles from the market town of Baud.

In today's instalment of pool care I will discuss the final elements of keeping the pool crystal clear.

Depending on the weather and pool use material can be blown in or taken into the water, this material is large enough to be seen and each morning and afternoon I spend 5 min just using the net to scoop out the leaves and seeds that are blown in. If on the bottom material is seen then I will use the pool vacuum to suck up the material which is then deposited into the net of the surface skimmer, after which the net is replaced.

The cleaner you keep the pool, the less problems arise, in the same way if I ever see algae starting to grow on the walls I'm straight in with a brush scrubbing it off.

It may sound alot of work but in reality I guess I spend about 2 hours per week while the pool is open in general cleaning duties and checking the water. Its the thanks I get from the guest on how well maintained and inviting the pool looks that makes it worthwhile at the Brittany holiday cottage with private swimming pool.

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