Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Brittany Holiday Cottage with private heated pool

Just arrived back in the UK after spending a wonderful 2 weeks at the Brittany Holiday Cottage
with my daughter, the weather has been fantastic over that time. New Guest arrived at La Forge on Saturday and all were thrilled about the cottage and garden and in particular the chance to look after the chickens while I'm back in the UK.

The group booked the holiday only 10 days earlier and I had just bought the chickens, when asked if a neighbour should look after them they said they would be delighted as her husband was thinking about getting some himself and it would be a great practice run.

Last Thursday saw the start of our egg production double, we are now getting 2 eggs per day, looking forward to when all 4 hens start producing. When I return this Friday I'm bringing back the new coup that i bought from ebay so I'll report back on whats it like and I'll enclose a picture.

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