Sunday, June 7, 2009

Brittany Holiday Cottage with Pool and Gym

After spending 2 weeks with my daughter at the Brittany Holiday Cottage for the May half term eating Pizza, Ice cream and chocolates I feel my diet has fallen astray, although I have not gained any weight. On reflection I had hit a wall with regards to weight loss and now I'm back and hitting the diet again am hopeful the weight will start falling away again. Its only 18 weeks before my competition and I'm still at 16 st I have an additional 3 st to loose to hit my target weight. 2lbs per week would be a weight loss of 2 st 8lbs so I'll be 1/2 st out, I'm not worried as i tend to loose more weight in the last couple of weeks due to the pre- show excitement.

My first target is to get down to 15 st 7lbs for my sisters wedding on 26th June....must start doing more cardio.

The Gym at the Brittany Holiday Cottage has a stationary bike that has a built in heart monitor so I'll endeavour to do 2 sessions a week of bike work plus 3 runs per week in addition to weight training.

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