Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Brittany Fishing via the Holiday Cottage

Just a short journey from the Brittany holiday cottage is one of my new sea fishing marks just a mile away from Guidel main beach. Ive now fished the estuary on 3 separate occasions, the first time being my first report on here, the second 2 weeks ago and the third time today.

2 weeks ago I fished with my daughter right on the mouth of the estuary, there were 'no swimming' warnings along the beach due to the strong currents and watching boats trying to leave the estuary at one point most came to a halt the tide was running so strong.

On that occasion a 5 ounce grip weight could not hold bottom, within minutes of casting out, the lead had moved right along the beach and that day only 1 Bass was caught, slightly smaller than the 9 caught on my first outing. I did find however a nice beach to dig for Lug worm.

Today I fished back at my original mark and caught 7 Bass but they were so small bites were hard to see and all were returned. Ive noticed as the last few months have passed by, the size of the fish have got smaller, I was told that the time for the Bass was between September and January and now can confirm this. I was hoping that another species might be around for example Eels or flat fish.

I started fishing today at low tide at 1pm and fished right up to high tide at 7.15 pm all fish were caught between 3pm and 6pm on rag worm on a running ledger.

Still being new to France myself, the idea is to fish every 6 weeks to make a diary for years to come of when is the best time to fish and what to expect and to help and advice guest staying at the Brittany holiday cottage.

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