Saturday, December 20, 2014

Brittany holiday cottage with private heated swimming pool and gym

After two days rest at the Brittany holiday cottage with private heated swimming pool and gym, Naomi and I hit the gym again for another workout.

I trained back and biceps while Naomi trained chest and triceps.

I'm getting really motivated again  after 2 years of just messing around with inconsistent training and eating loads of rubbish to be currently the heaviest I've ever been in my life ( 19st 4lbs) - after a solid 4 weeks in the gym with eating clean although not any lighter I feel leaner and my body shape has changed.

One thing I've decided to do is compete again in 2016 and need to loose 6 stone over the next 18 months. In addition to a strict diet  I will be mixing up my workouts by incorporating different exercises.

Today I did :

5 sets out ultra wide behind the neck pull downs ( we have a 60 inch wide bar )
5 sets of narrow pull downs to the front.

3 sets of dead lifts

In over 30 years of training I've never done dead lifts, but looking at how some of the champions are training they all incorporate this exercise in to there workouts. Ive always had the widest back on stage but one thing I seem to lack is the depth so I'm hoping this not only will be improving my lower back but assist in my leg biceps and overall thickness in my back.

1995 ANB south east

training back at the Brittany holiday cottage
For biceps I did 5 sets of  EZ bar preacher curls

The gym at the Brittany holiday cottage allows anyone to have a good workout.

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